I’m back with another solo episode! This will likely be the my last solo episode of the year, apart from our weekly Fuel Your Life Friday series. Our calendar only has 2 spots open for the remaining half of 2021 and I’m shocked at how this year has played out both on the podcast and in my personal life.

Last week we discussed the 9 year cycle and how it’s played out in my life recently. If you missed that episode, go back and check it out because it flows into this podcast effortlessly.

As mentioned within that podcast, you’re now getting the full story of my move and how angel guidance, a lot of surrender and walking blindly in faith opened up a whole new chapter for me.


Fuel Your Life Friday is a weekly mini series filled with tips, tricks, and leveling-up challenges that will help your fuel your life. This week’s episode gives you 4 mindful ways to reduce stress.



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