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I love this podcast! Lauren has such an amazing voice and it’s easy to listen to. I count the days for the new chapter to drop so I can to work and get ready for my day. It’s so good to know and understand things that make your life better. I am a fan.”


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Really related to this and got me feeling motivated for a change. I’ve felt stuck in my career, afraid to make the next big jump. More please!


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There’s not help back. Being vulnerable with your failures makes things so much more relatable. Looking forward to hearing more!


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Well done! Your voice is clear, your words are thoughtful, and your energy is contagious!


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Amazing Lauren again! Thank you for impacting so many people, myself included. ?


PodBean Review

Can’t wait for more episodes! Sounds like it’s going to be full of greatness!


PodBean Review

This is a great Podcast!!! I’m so happy & proud of you!!!


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Super relatable and interesting! Can’t wait for the next one!


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So excited for you and cannot wait to hear more!


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Very inspirational. ❤️ 


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Lauren is an amazing person and offers a lot of value to her listeners!


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Lauren leads you through many different arenas with excitement and passion. Her topics & guests are different, but always add value! Highly recommend this podcast!


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Best part is that Lauren is so real and authentic. She’s truly living the life that she is helping others achieve. While also sharing her own obstacles and how she’s overcoming them. Was also impressed with the production/listening quality.

Cory Shea

iTunes Review

Always looking forward to Wednesday mornings so I can catch the latest podcast! Each episode somehow tops the one before! The guests are super relatable and Lauren’s voice/questions flow so nicely making it easy to listen to!


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It was such a privilege to speak with Lauren on this podcast! She is so dynamic and giving. Doing such great work and providing listeners with great information across the board with such variety and depth of her interviews. Thank you Lauren! Looking forward to more!

Felicia Bender

iTunes Review

Lauren is absolutely the perfect host, her voice is so sweet yet powerful, this show is just so additive! Professional intro, quality content, world recognition deserved.

Lucy Liu

Stitcher Review

Lauren is such an incredible host! Her bubbly personality just invites so much warmth and joy in her podcast. I had so much fun and just loved being her guest! Thank you Lauren for having me on your podcast – it was a blast! Looking forward to working together again xo

Sama Amlashi

Website Review

Hello from Denmark! Lauren has a soothing voice and is so easy to listen to. She delivers episodes that are fresh, fun, and get my mind going. Happy I found this podcast!


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