Awaken Your Soul Sunday

A new storytelling series that shares stories of enlightenment, awakening, truth and vulnerability.

Awaken Your Soul Sunday

Awaken Your Soul Sunday is a storytelling series that share moments of awakening, trials and tribulations, truth, and vulnerability in the words (and voice) of the featured storyteller.

Awaken Your Soul focuses on sharing the moments in life that shaped you, shifted you, and provided you with the big AHA moment that you never knew you needed.

**NEW FOR 2023** We’ll be moving Awaken Your Soul Sunday to its own podcast! Please use the story submission form below to be considered for this series!

Answers to Your Questions

What Questions Should I Consider While Writing My Story?

Great questions to consider: What have you learned? What is a story that made you who you are? What was the learning moment? How did this aid your growth?

How Should I Start Off My Story?

Introduce yourself first (you can list your job title, age, location here, if you wish), and then flow into your story. If you’d rather get creative and introduce yourself at the end of the story or sometime within it – we’re here for it!

How Long Should My Episode Be?

Aim for 10 minutes, but no more than 15 minutes.

How Should I Record My Episode?

Recording your episode can be done on a Mac through QuickTime or Garageband, on your phone you can also use Voice Messages and share through email or uploaded to a file.

Can I Pitch My Services or Products?

The intention of this podcast is not to promote your work, but to help guide and lift others up through powerful storytelling of your own experiences.

What’s the Best Way to Apply to Have My Story Shared?

Interested in having your story shared? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page; if we feel you’ll be a good fit for this series, we’ll email you with next steps.

Apply to Share Your Story!

Please fill out the interest form below; include details about the story you intend to share. We will reach out if we feel your story is a good fit for this series! 


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