I cannot express how excited I am to have Sherile Turner on this week’s episode. I met Sherile 2 years ago while working together on a project in Prague. I knew upon meeting her, I would have a friend (and mentor) for life. She has opened me to a number of resources, tools, and information which have helped me grown more self aware and develop more spiritually.

Sherile Turner is,”The Mindful Psychotherapist.” She’s certified Mindfulness Coach (MBSR/MBCT), Hypnotherapist and Counsellor, Sherile is also an Angelic Reiki Practitioner and a qualified Meditation Coach.

Formerly a successful HealthCare Media Professional, Sherile’s passion for Mind Health and the pursuit of excellence, along with her expertise and experience in corporate wellbeing, started many moons ago and has led her to support thousands of professionals in developing key skills and unlocking a deeper sense of purpose, awareness, creativity, and joy in the workplace.

I couldn’t think of a better person to have has my first guest and to cover the first category: Mastering the MIND!

In this week’s episode we cover a number of great talking points including:

The Difference Between Mindfulness Vs. Meditation: 6:02

How Mindfulness Affects the Cerebral Cortex:10:11

Practicing Mindfulness in Children: 12:13

Where Should I Start?: 15:20

What is a Spiritual Awakening: 20:40

Recognizing the Signs: 23:20

Reflection of Choices: 28:40

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Thanks for joining me this!

I’ll see ya next week and remember:

Every level of life, is an opportunity to grow.

Be well my friend,