I had a message from a listener last week, who heard me being interviewed by Mack Munro on The Boss Builder Podcast and liked that Mack asked me to break down a few of my quotes from my book, Mind Love: Bites Sized Thought Nuggets to Fuel Your Life. She told me she thought it’d be cool if I did the same, for an episode of Master Your Mind, Business, and Life.

It’s extremely difficult for me to pick out specific quotes, because they each resonate with me in various ways and have different meanings. So, I decided to email the purchasers of the book and ask them to send me their favorite page OR a quote that they had a question on/wanted to learn more about. I had an overwhelming response; it was great to learn what others liked from the book!

On this week’s episode, I’m breaking down 11 of my thought nuggets from Mind Love!

“You’re committing an act of self-sabotage when you fill your mind with negativity, doubt, and fear. Feed Your Mind Love, Shift Your Life.”

Tune in, Turn it Up, and Let’s Go!

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Thanks for joining me this!

I’ll see ya next week and remember:

Every level of life, is an opportunity to grow.

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