Norma Jean Belenky is a singer, song writer, artist, and the founder of Camp Clarity. I met Norma Jean through The BaliSpirit Festival in, you guessed it, BALI! Norma Jean was living in Bali at the time and we had an instant connection.

This multi-passionate creative entrepreneur is not only down-to-earth and insanely in-tune with herself, she also helps others ignite their creativity through her workshops and week-long retreat in Bali.

Norma Jean joins us today to discuss:
– Her Journey of Living Abroad:
– Value Through Experience: 10:40
– Perception Vs. Reality: 19:20
– Daily Doodles: 27:15
– Creative Practice: 30:00
– Camp Clarity: 38:05

Tune in, Turn it Up, and Let’s Go!

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