Need a little Money & Time Healing?

Then you’ll love today’s podcast episode!

This week I met with Annie Massop, the founder of Money Time School. Annie believes there is always enough money and time, when you’re fulfilling your life purpose. And that’s a statement (and mission) I can get behind!

When Annie reached out to me about the podcast, I knew she’d be a perfect fit. Money and Time blocks have been both been a big part of my life; transforming the way I think about money and the way I prioritize my time, has been a game changer with me. But, I’m still in the struggle phase of both.

So what better than to have Annie teach me (and you) a few things about Money and Time?!

On this episode, Annie and I discuss:

What is Money & Time Healing: 1:55
Journey Through Healing: 7:05
High Sensitivity & Energy: 8:50
Identifying Fears: 13:35
MoneyTimeWheel: 27:47
Money Mindset: 39:27
Living Your Purpose: 44:14

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