I have a question for you…

How much joy do you have in your life?

Now that’s probably not a question you think about daily, but for Sydney Weiss, “Seek the Joy” became a mission of hers. Before I interviewed Norma Jean Belenky (episode 008), she told me about Sydney and her podcast.

So, I decided to tune in one night and the next morning, whaddya know, I had a message from Sydney on Instagram. She had listened to Norma Jean’s episode on the Master Your Mind, Business and Life podcast, and reached out to me to further connect. That’s the magic of the Universe, my friends 😉

Fast-forward a few weeks and here we are!

Now, I mention this on the show, but Sydney’s message really couldn’t have had a more perfect timing for me in my personal life. I needed this reminder, to Seek the Joy, and I hope it’s a message that resonates with you as well.

Sydney Weiss is a lawyer, entrepreneur, writer, change maker, joy seeker, and the host and executive producer of Seek The Joy Podcast.

This week Sydney joins me to discuss:

  • Changing Our Inner Conversation: 3:44
  • Listening to Life’s “News Alerts”: 7:48
  • Journey through Connection: 9:00
  • Stepping Away From Fear: 19:25

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Until next week remember: Every Level of Life, is an Opportunity to Grow.



PS. Happy Halloween! Here’s my costume… an Egyptian Nile Queen!