Thanksgiving is probably the most underrated holiday in the U.S. – and I love it so much.

Cards aren’t required, neither are gifts – presence over presents is the name of the game, and for some reason, getting dressed up to go out to the kitchen on this day – just makes ol’ American sense.

I had an idea in mind to do a thanksgiving episode, but I was struggling on the concept of what it would look like.

That was, until I went to add some items to my bucket list, that I came across a challenge called “The Reversed Bucket List”

The idea seemed simple enough.

Instead of opening and expanding your mind with dreams and high hopes for the future, you  consciously shift into a mode reflection and gratitude. With the Reversed Bucket List, you list things you’ve already accomplished – and be mindfully grateful for the journey.

Fun, right?

While doing this challenge, I found myself thinking a few things

The first being – that I almost felt like I was bragging about my accomplishments or experiences. I had to give myself a reality check – and remind myself that these moments in life, are ones I cherish and the purpose of this is to help me see what I already have, what I’ve had, and

The second thought – was that I was doubting myself on if this list was “good enough” or “too average.” I found myself thinking “so many people have done these things.” Again, had to give myself a reality check and change my mindset to “so many people HAVEN’T done these things”

Shifting that inner conversation while writing this list, really helped me complete it.

So here we go, 22 items on my Reversed Bucket List. I chose 22, because Thanksgiving falls on the 22nd *and* if you know me well, I love numbers and 22 is a master number in numerology.

Tune in to my “Reversed Bucket List” below, or on Apple Podcast, Google Play Music, Spotify, Stitcher and/or Anchor!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to let me know what’s on your Reversed Bucket List!

Oh, and as promised – a picture of our Thanksgiving table (last year’s – though every year it’s similar, with a few minor detail changes).

THanksgiving Table