Ready to go DEEP into a conversation about neuroscience, The Law of Attraction, productivity, accountability and even profit?!

This week I’m joined by Tiffany Tokarz of Modern Muse Consulting.

Tiffany Tokarz, CPBA, CPMA, & MS in Leadership Development Psychology, is an Intentional Growth Strategist.  She has been working with leaders and teams to create intentional results for over a decade.  Her company Modern Muse Consulting offers consulting, coaching, group work, training and workshops.  She was recently inducted into Faculty Row. Her belief is that researchers have only begun to understand the scope of human potential; and those leaders who create company cultures to better leverage their human capital will position their companies to thrive in the new economy.

Tiffany joins me today to discuss:
– Using neuroscience research to apply the law of attraction
– Holding ourselves accountable
– How to help employees stay accountable
– What is a Time Study
– How we can predict profitability

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Until next week remember: Every Level of Life, is an Opportunity to Grow.