We’re half way through the first month of 2019, and it’s time we talk about MONEY. They way we look at money, the way we talk about money, and heck – even the way we make money – all link together. There’s no one better to talk about this with, than wealth therapist, Agnes Kowalski.

Agnes Kowalski is an immigrant who went from poverty mindset maxing out at $40,000 per year to consistent 6 figure years as a wealth therapist. She now shows entrepreneurs, artists, creatives and service providers how to tap into their subconscious programming around money so they can give themselves Permission to Prosper ™ in every area of their lives and businesses.

This week, Agnes and I discuss:
– Classic Pitfalls of a Weak Money Mindset
– How to Know When You’re Ready to Work On Money Mindset
– Exercises to Help Shift into a Stronger Mindset and Walk Away from Living in Scarcity
– What to Prioritize for Best Results

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