We live in a culture that emphasizes the phrases, “bigger is better” or even “better to have too many than not enough” – we often need reminders that sometimes less is more, and bigger isn’t always better. This week’s guests prove this.

I first learned about “Tiffany the Tiny Home” when they tagged WindStorm Products (also this week’s sponsor) on Facebook. Once I started reading about Tiffany, it was like I got sucked into a tiny home worm hole.

Tim Davidson and Sam Cosner are the owners of Tiffany the Tiny Home. This tiny blue bungalow home on wheels has been featured on HGTV, Business Insider, AOL, MindBodyGreen, WayFair, and more!

This week we discuss:

-The process of purchasing and transitioning into a Tiny Home
– Tiny Home Life
-Tiny Home Challenges
– Shellmate Island

Want to stay up to date on Tiffany the Tiny home and get a glimpse into this super adorable tiny house? Follow Tim & Sam (and of course, Tiffany) on social media:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tiffanythetinyhome2/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tiffany_the_tiny_home/

You can also connect with them through their website: tiffanythetinyhome.com

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