Fear can be crippling. Some have fear of tight spaces, others of spiders, I have a fear of being buried alive…and others – well, the fear of public speaking can send them into a full blown anxiety attack.

As some of you may know, Mack Munro was my very first mentor in the business realm. For the past 10 years, he’s guided me through various phases of entrepreneurship. Mack, hands down, is one of the best speakers I know.

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Mack joined me on episode 5 to discuss How to Be a Better Boss, but this week we’re talking about how to conquer public speaking and how to deliver presentations that wow the crowd. Mack will also give us a glimpse in what we can expect from his newest book, BossTalk: How to Win at Giving Presentations.

Wondering what else we’re covering in this episode? Here’s what you can look forward to:
– Why being a strong public speaker gives you the upper hand as a boss
– How to overcome the fear of public speaking
– Tactics to prepare for a presentation
…and MORE!

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