It’s fair to say that my kids have never really understood what my job is. For the longest time, my oldest daughter, Skyler, would tell people, “she texts for her job.”

Riiight…. running a business and all I do is text. You nailed it, girlfriend!

April 25th is National Take Your Child to Work Day. While my kids will be in school and I’ll be out of town, I figured we’d utilize their week-long Spring Break and give them an opportunity to go to work with me.

We didn’t have to travel far since I work from home, but I wanted to give my girls a glimpse into what it is I really do.

They’re basically pro’s when it comes to being quiet during a conference call or podcast call, so they know the drill on their end (be quiet, watch a movie, no arguing, no going outside), but they don’t see what I do.

I decided to invite the girls on for a podcast episode. Not just so they understood more what I do for work, but so they can have a hands-on experience producing their own podcast.

When you’re responsible for something, it creates ownership.

And oh boy, did they own it!

I invite you to meet my kids, Skyler (10) and Kalli (5) on this week’s episode. You’ll get a glimpse into their minds and we’ll see just why childhood is so important.

Tune in below or on your favorite podcast app:

Until next week,