Mother’s Day was this past Sunday, and it always seems to be a day ignites some feelings for me. I also get sentimental on my kids birthdays, if you’re a parent – I’m sure you know the feeling.

Being a mom is something I’m so incredibly proud of.

Many people don’t realize, that i had my oldest daughter while still in college. I had just turned 21 years old, I had no idea who I was, as a woman, at the time. In the past nearly 10 years, I felt like I grew up with my daughter. The mom I was at 21, is not the mom I am at 31.

Motherhood is this wave of stages that seem to hit us when we least expect it. One minute you’re holding that sweet little baby wondering who they’ll be in this big world, and next you’re sending them off to their first day of school. Before you know it, you’re having the puberty talk, showing them how to drive, prepping for college, and whew – I guess then one day you might gain the title of Grand before mother.

Through all these twist and turns, we – as mothers we are trying to teach our children, while we’re still evolving as women at the same time.

I thought an episode discussing the real life rollercoaster of motherhood and yes, even woman hood, would be a perfect follow up to Mother’s Day.

And since it’s also Mental Health Awareness week, I decided to invite back my friend, Psychotherapist, Angelic Reiki Healer, Meditation expert, and a mindful mama herself – Sherile Turner – back to the show.

Sherile joins me to discuss:
-How to Navigate the Various Stages of Motherhood
-Nurturing and Connection
-Self Compassion and Forgiveness
and more.

Stop by Sherile’s website to get her tools for healing, transformation, growth and mindfulness.

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Until next week,