This week’s guest is joining me from the other side of the world, literally! Lucy Liu is here to talk to us about life transformations. And yes, she shares a name with a famous actress and according to her website – she tried out acting before the “other” Lucy Liu starred in Charlie’s Angels! Pretty cool, right?

Meet Certified Life Coach, Lucy Liu. Lucy is helping women in life transition get unstuck, beat overwhelm, see clarity, set new goals, live a happier life and thrive! Lucy transformed her life from feeling over-stressed, unhappy and unhealthy to living her dream life of joy, fulfillment and mindfulness, it is her passion to help other women to make that kind of life changing transformations. 

Lucy joins me to discuss:

  • Her journey of growth
  • How to handle stress
  • Transformation and Motivation
  • Mindfully parenting
    ….and MORE!

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