You may remember that not too long ago, I received a Cease & Desist letter for my book. Someone trademarked the name (nearly a year after it was published) which forced me to change my book name. If you remember that podcast episode, then you’ll also likely remember my promise to bring in an expert on this matter.

Queue brand protection lawyer, Andrea Sager!

Andrea Sager  is a brand protection attorney with a virtual law firm specializing in copyrights and trademarks. After less than a year at a large law firm working with large businesses, Andrea realized her true passion was helping small businesses embrace and protect their intellectual property. With over 80 clients and counting from all over the United States after a year in business, Andrea has quickly become the go-to brand protection attorney for modern-day entrepreneurs, protecting everything from their brand names to their courses and blog posts.

This week Andrea Joins me to discuss:

-Why Protecting Your Brand is a Must
-The difference between Trademarks & Copyright
-When you should Trademark
-When to Copyright
….and MORE!

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