I have a question for you…What does freedom mean to you?

Tomorrow in the States, it’s 4th of July or Independence Day. For the listeners who aren’t in the states – don’t worry – this is still a global episode!

And although I’d rather consider myself a citizen of the world, my passport and birth certificate both say I’m a citizen of the United States. With that being said, 4th of July is actually my favorite holiday, aside of my birthday…and yes, I declare my birthday a personal holiday. 

I love 4th of July because it’s a holiday where we celebrate the birth of our nation with friends, family, cookouts, and fireworks. 

For some reason, hot dogs on the 4th of July for just taste better. Which is probably also the reason why there’s a hotdog eating contest every year on the 4th – but I can’t watch that because these competitive eaters don’t even make food look appetizing hahah 

ANYWAY! This whole holiday is based on freedom and I wanted to use the opportunity to not only discuss what freedom means, but also what freedom FEELS like.

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Until next week,