Sometimes, you just have to shoot your shot.

Which is exactly what I did with this week’s podcast guest. 

I’ve admired Retired 9 year NFL Veteran, Arthur Moats, both on and off the field for years. When I saw his announced his retirement on June 10, 2019, I thought, “okay Lauren, shoot your shot.” 

I went over to Arthur’s website and invited him to be a guest on the podcast via his contact form. Less than 24 hours later, Arthur was in my email inbox, graciously agreeing to be on the podcast.

QUEUE the scene where I had my own little Tom Cruise moment – ya know, the one where he jumps on Oprah’s couch in excitement… yeah, that was me! 

I will say I don’t think I ever laughed so much during a podcast episode; Arthur radiates positive energy and fun, there was a smile on his face the entire time. 

Not to mention, he’s as humble as they come. 

On this week’s episode we discuss spirituality, faith, marriage and parenthood, community outreach and of course FOOTBALL! 🙌🏽

Connect with Arthur on his website and social channels:


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Until next week,