I’m excited that the 50th episode aligns with a topic that I I have lived and breathed for most of my adult life. And that’s marketing! 

I loved getting to know this week’s guest, Mallory Majcher.

I felt Mallory and I were kindred spirits of sorts – we both love sports and the Pittsburgh Steelers, we both have a marketing background and we’re both girl moms! 

Mallory has nearly a decade of experience in marketing strategy and leadership. Throughout her career as a communications director, Mallory partnered with the most creative minds in marketing, serving clients in all over the country. In 2017, Mallory brought her competitive fire to Kansas City and opened her own agency.

This week Mallory and I discuss: 

-Benefits of being a Marketing Generalist
-Critical Tools & Systems to use for Social Media Marketing. 
-Understand your audience and their needs
-Knowing what you sell vs. what you deliver

…and MORE!

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Until next week,