I’m sitting here in just pure joy, knowing I made it one full year of delivering a weekly podcast. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know what to expect when I first decided to start this podcast thang.

It’s insane to me that on Wednesday, August 22 2018, I stepped into the world of podcasting and launched episode number 1. I have mentioned before that the podcast is streaming worldwide- to date we’re in 69 countries. This absolutely blows my mind. What blows my mind even more, is that last week, I found out the podcast is placing within Top Rated charts. Now, to put this into perspective, there are roughly 750,000 podcasts. In Australia, Austria, Germany, India and Brazil, the podcast is is placing within the Top 200 in the Self- Care category. In Turkey, its in the Top 100, and in Lebanon, it’s in the Top 50. 3 weeks ago, it placed in the Top 200 in the United States.

I am beyond humbled by the growth of the podcast; it motivates me even more to continue to bring you conversations each week to help you fuel your life.

This week, I’m sharing my reflections on what I’ve learned on this journey, sharing some of my favorite thought nuggets from guests, and even letting you know what you can expect as we head into year 2 of the podcast. Be sure to listen until the very end because you’ll learn about the 1 Year Podcast Anniversary giveaway that contains a prize pack valued at over $500!!! 

All of the details are outlined on this week’s episode. Tune in and turn it up below!

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Until Next Week,