This week’s guest has quite the life story. Whitney’s journey in life is a true testament that we are not a product of our environment, we are a product of our beliefs and actions.

Whitney Hansen is a millennial finance expert, financial coach, speaker, and host of the award winning podcast, The Money Nerds. She has been featured on GoBanking Rates, CNBC, ESPN, Yahoo! Finance, Ally and frequents local news channels. After paying off $30,000 in 10 months, hacking her way to a $472 MBA, and buying her first home at 19, she discovered her love for helping Millennials take control of their financial life.

In her free time she travels frequently, teaches college students about personal finance as an Adjunct Professor, and tests side hustles for fun.

In this week’s episode, Whitney and I discuss:
-Her Journey of Becoming Debt Free
-Methods to Tackling Your Debt
-How to Pay Down Debt Faster
-Abundance Mindset
…and MORE!

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