Not going to lie, friends. I kind of feel like this episode was made for people like me! 

In the past 5 years, I owned and operated a digital marketing agency where most of my work was focused around social media marketing and website development, but I’ve had more side hustles than I can keep count of. I’m talking photography, making crafts to sell… I’ve even had a go at trying out 2 different MLM type companies, only to realize that’s just not my jam.

Even today, I get so confused on what to call myself. What do I say when someone asks my job? Am I an author? A strategist? A podcast host? Or did I just say “I’m a creative entrepreneur” and leave it at that?

The thing is, when you’re multi-passionate – especially when you’re a multi-passionate creative, it can be really difficult to laser focus on one thing. 

Have no fear, help is here! This week’s guest is Amy Hayes, co-founder of  The Global Creator Studio and she’s dedicated to helping multi-passionate entrepreneurs grow their business. 

In this week’s episode Amy and I discuss:

-The GC Method
-How to land on your BEST idea
-Steps to Making More Money
-How to take Radical Action (without overwhelm)
…and MORE!

Connect with Amy further and grab her action plan!

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Until next week,