What do you get when you cross an On-Air Host with a background in personal style, who also happens to have an amazing podcast all about marriage?! You can an episode that covers both personal style and relationships! 

Jessie Artigue is a style expert & on-air host with an abundance of experience in the fashion, beauty & lifestyle industries.  She is also the creator of Season Everyday — An ethically made,100% silk dress design that can be worn as at least five different garments! As a notable leader in blogging and social media since 2007, she mentors and teaches young women all over the world how to design their own version of a flavorful life.  Jessie believes that confidence is found by seeking truth, and she loves sharing this message by encouraging others to embrace the best possible version of themselves.  

On this week’s episode, Jessie and I discuss:
-Owning Your Personal Style 
-Reorienting Our Mindset
-Nurturing Your Emotional Health
-Navigating Expectations in Relationships

Connect with Jessie further:
Personal Website:http://www.jessieartigue.com/
Style and Pepper: styleandpepper.com
Marriage is Funny Podcast: http://www.meetthepeppers.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/styleandpepper/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarriageIsFunny/

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