Today’s episode, well – it’s deep.

I don’t think either the guest nor myself expected our conversation to go this way. In fact, every question I had lined up, went straight out the window.

 It’s probably the deepest, rawest, conversation I’ve ever had with a guest and you know what? It’s down right amazing. I love connecting with people who I’ve never met before and getting to know them on a real level.

Today’s guest is Jenn Taylor. Jenn is a mom of 18, a coach, speaker, published author, and podcast host of a show called The Naked Podcaster. 

Jenn has had some intense life experiences – from being raped and molested as a child, infertility, to miscarriages, to two marriages and two divorces, to becoming a mom of 18 kids. 

Jenn disclosed that she’s never shared her story in this way, and I felt so honored that she chose to share it with our audience. Stories like this are sacred and require “next level” vulnerability. I love that we connected and she felt that the space I hosted, was safe enough to share it. This is something I will always cherish. 

Due to the nature of this week’s episode, I will advise that you don’t listen to it with children around. There also may be some trigger topics – please know that we handle everything with love and light and utmost respect.

After you listen, I would love for you to share your thoughts on our conversation.

Also, be sure to connect with Jenn and read her blog – she houses a wealth of information and perspective on her website: and you can also connect with her on Instagram and Facebook both @momofeighteen

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