Anxiety effects hundreds of millions worldwide, which makes the odds pretty high that we have listeners who have anxiety, too.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I believe in bringing light to the difficult topics. The more we learn, the more we grow. By adding more tools to our toolbox, we’re able to heal ourselves and then share that knowledge with others so they can do the same. 

As a person who has crippling anxiety at times, I know first hand what it’s like to be on the anxiety struggle bus. We have had a conversation sharing stories behind anxiety, but I wanted to bring on an expert to help us understand what exactly anxiety is and how to help. 

Today’s guest is Natasha Fletcher. Natasha  is a therapist, Coach and Speaker and she helps people get on with their life without anxiety, fears, doubts and worries get in the way.

While today’s guest is a licensed and trained therapist, I want to make it clear that this episode is not to be used as a substitution for your own medical advice; if you are struggling with anxiety, I encourage you to seek professional aid – whether it be from your doctor, a therapist, or similar.

By opening this dialogue with Natasha- I was able to understand anxiety with a new lens.

This week Natasha and I discuss:

-Understanding what Anxiety is, what causes it
-How she works with anxiety
-Techniques to cope
…and MORE!

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