Growing your business is HARD; it’s especially hard when you’re a solopreneur. When it comes down to what you need to grow your business, you likely turn to one of two things: Marketing & Sales. The two work in tandem and when they flow effortlessly, you’ll see a spike in business. 

Now most of you know, marketing is my jam! But like everything, there’s different ways to do this whole thing called marketing, and I never pretend like my way is the only way. I love connecting with marketing specialists, because I’m always learning from my peers and colleagues. 

It’s no different with this week’s guest, Marketing Strategist, Michelle Vroom.  Michelle who helps women solopreneurs find and attract the right clients consistently so they can grow to $5K months and beyond. 

I’m so excited to have Michelle bring her wisdom to the podcast because she drops some tips that will no doubt help you elevate your business games!

Michelle and I discuss:
-Finding Ideal Clients
-Standing Out in a Saturated Market
-How to Leverage Discovery CallsCreating a Resonating Message
…and more! 

Connect with Michelle on her website and social channels: Website: www.vroomcommunications

Tune into this week’s episode below or on your preferred podcast app.

Until next week,