Psychic + Business = FUN

I’m one to state openly, that I’m very receiving of people who have Psychic and Medium gifts. I’ve been told a time or two, that I myself am psychic (I’m learning to embrace this – truth is, I eerily “see” things in my dreams for both my friends and myself, that latter come true). So when I received a guest inquiry from this week’s guest and she stated she uses her psychic abilities to help business owners level up their business, I was all, “YES GIRL, LET’S TALK.”

This week’s guest is Willow Bradner. Willow the Accidental Psychic and Business Medium. Willow has combined her intuitive abilities with her years of entrepreneurial experience to create one outrageous and genius plan to help the would be, might be, and the absolutely going for it entrepreneur.

Willow’s intuition sees all the places a person is holding back and feeling stuck, and helps to clear those blocks while offering grounded entrepreneurial 1st steps and more. She will have you laughing out loud as she inspires your inner genius and moves you into your full potential.

Willow joins me this week to discuss:
-How She Learned She Was Psychic
-Moving Past Fear and Into Purpose
-Intuition and Business
-Leveling Up in Your Business

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