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00:03 Hey, what’s up it’s Fuel Your life Friday! Let’s go.

00:06 Whewww it’s Friday, TGIF! It was Been a long week for sure. we’re gearing up for a busy holiday season.

00:20 For those of you in the States, there’s Thanksgiving coming up. And then worldwide we have holidays such as Hanukkah and Christmas. But there’s one insanely important tip that I want to stress to you this week as we enter the holiday season. It’s pretty simple, And what one may call fundamental, and it is…

00:39 Don’t go broke shopping for someone you love.

00:43 If you were to walk into my house on Christmas morning, you’d likely think “Dang, Lauren, you drop some serious cheddar on these kids.” But The truth of the matter is, I don’t.

00:55 I actually shop clearance all year long and add things to what’s called my Christmas stockpile. I write down everything I buy the price I bought it for and I keep an eye on my budget. Currently, my stockpile for each kid has about $200 worth of things in it, But I’ve spent maybe $50 on each con. So if you’re sitting there thinking Okay, well I don’t have time to stockpile it’s a little late in the game for this. Don’t worry. I have a few other tips to help you along the way.

01:24 First is show your love with activities. Groupon and Living Social are both amazing for activities. Most of the time they have a 20 to 50% off coupon that you can stack on top of these already great savings. I was able to score my kids a dolphin sightseeing adventure normally priced at $75. On Groupon, it was still 50 I had a coupon and scored it for only 20. I’ve also seen people do 12 months of activities as well as a gift.

01:50 All you do is just give your spouse or significant other or even your kids a bunch of envelopes and each month. Throughout the year they open an envelope and there’s a new activity for you guys to do as a family or a couple. You don’t even have to buy the activity In December just have it planned out and then budget it throughout the year each month. This helps you to not go broke in one month and to really budget for a longer period of time.

02:15 My next tip is to just shop thrifty, there is still a ton of time to do this like a pro. If you have outlets nearby. These can help you save a ton on name brand item. I bought both of my kids Nike t shirts for $1.37 a piece off the clearance rack at a Nike outlet. Marshalls TJ Maxx and Ross are often my favorite places for deep discounts.

02:38 Another tip that I do is I fill up Amazon wish list for the kids. And then I just keep an eye on a certain item drop significantly in price. And If I’m out shopping, and I see an item on that wish list, I always pull up Amazon to price compared to see if I’m really getting a deal or not knowing what things are priced. And knowing how much you’re willing to spend on that item can really make or break a purchase.

03:02 My next tip is to build or make something I grew up really blessed to be raised in a family filled with creators and makers. My mom has always been extremely talented at crafting and making gifts for people.

03:16 And my Pap, well, he was one of the most skilled woodworkers that I knew, I would often ask my grandparents to make me something for Christmas and one year in 2005. They work together to build me this large custom stand That was originally designed to fit my high school bedroom. But nearly 15 years later, I still have that sand and my current bedroom. Talk about a gift that has long standing purpose.

03:40 If you’re a crafter or a builder, or even just want to tap into your inner creative goal for something homemade, Pinterest has a ton of ideas if you’re struggling to think of something original.

03:51 And My last tip is to use the three gift Christmas idea. It was originally based on the Nativity story and the idea that Jesus received three gifts from the Wisemen.

04:01 Modern parents are using this idea as a way to save money, reduce stress and encourage their kids to be more thoughtful with their Christmas wish list. One popular tactic is to have your kids narrow down their gift wish list to three categories, something they want, something they need and something to read. It’s all about making Christmas a little bit more purposeful and taking out the pressure to buy these endless amount of gifts.

04:26 If you are balling on a budget this holiday season, really focused on paying in cash versus using your credit or debit card. I’m telling you, my friend, your family, friends and kids do not want you to go into debt showing your love for them.

04:41 If you have a money saving hack, share it with me. I’m everywhere on social media at @mindbizlife.

04:47 That’s all for today. I’ll See you back here next week. And until then remember every level of life is an opportunity to grow. Be Well my friend