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00:10 Hey, hey, Happy Friday. I actually have a challenge for you this week. I’m going to take on the challenge and I hope that you join me too. If you’ve already been doing this, you’re a straight up boss. And I commend you.

00:24 Now, the challenge this week is going to help you up-level and fuel your life. And that challenge is to make an intentional calendar for the month. Now trust me when I say I know how crazy busy this month is. Which just means it’s actually the best time to get intentional with your time. This includes intentional time for self care, for your relationship, for kids…, for all the things, okay?!

00:49 I’ve outlined six intentional things I’m adding to my calendar this month and I want you to add at least three at the very minimum to implement for yourself this month.

01:00 Alright, so for me number 1: 24 hours of no social media, trust me, I know this is hard, but commit to it. I try to do this at least once a month already. And I try to task on these days like cleaning my house or my car or meal prepping for the week. whatever I need to do that will keep my mind busy and help prevent me from doing some aimless scrolling.

01:25 Number 2: one day of serving others, serving others is limit to limitless. Oh my goodness, there’s so many options this time of year you can do anything from sponsor a child for Christmas to volunteer your time at the homeless shelter, give rides to cancer patients who have appointments they need to get to it can be large or small. I’m volunteering for my kids school multiple times this month. It brings me joy in my get to see my kids, two birds, one stone

01:53 Number 3: a lunch date with a friend. We are all adults, which means we are all busy. You’ve got to make time for your people make a lunch date, a dinner date, or Heck, even a breakfast date. If you have to schedule these in and commit to them, then you won’t get lost making excuses as to why you haven’t seen your friends.

02:14 Number 4: a day outdoors. Plain and simple. Studies have shown that by simply walking in the woods, it can improve our blood pressure, boost mental health and decrease cancer risk. So get out there and explore our world.

02:29 Number 5: a date night. Now if you’re in a relationship, do this with your spouse or partner. I got an amazing advice from a podcast guest Jenn Taylor and she said to never talk about anything serious on date night. Leave that stuff for when you’re at home.

02:46 And lastly, Number 6: a day to yourself. If a day is laughable, I know we’re busy adults, remember, give yourself four hours. It’s fine to go to a movie alone or Heck, walk around target for four hours if that’s what brings you joy. We need to treat ourselves with things that bring us peace and connection. When we’re intentional with our actions, especially those that bring us joy, peace and fulfillment, we automatically get instant gratification, doing whatever lifts us up or fills up your cup. Even if we have to schedule it in, it’s part of taking care of yourself.

03:22 Let me know what you’re adding to your intentional calendar and be sure to share it with me. I’m everywhere on social media @mindbizlife.

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03:40 That’s all for today. I’ll see you back here next week but until then, remember, every level of life is an opportunity to grow. Be well my friend