We’ve all been through a break up a time or two – some, are worse than others. It can be extremely difficult to move through them and easier to just wallow in a hole of sadness.

While breakups are not easy, they have the ability to help us heal, on so many levels. Getting to that place of healing can be extremely difficult.

With the holidays approaching and so much pressure on life, relationship turmoils can arise easily. That’s what I wanted to bring in therapist, Kristen Boice, to help us navigate the murky waters of post break-up healing.

Kristen Boice is a licensed marriage and family therapist, Close the Chapter podcast host and owner of Pathways to Healing Counseling.

Kristen specializes in improving self-worth, helping couples and families resolve conflicts and develop powerful communication skills, effective parenting strategies, making life transitions, grief and loss, reducing anxiety and working through trauma. Most importantly, she instills hope and helps you create possibilities.

In this week’s episode, Kristen and I discuss:
-How to Begin the Healing Process
-Why Many Go Back to Toxic Relationships
-How to Move Forward
-Picking the “Wrong” Partner
…and MORE!

Connect with Kristen further through her website, social channels and podcast:
Website: www.kristendboice.com 
Facebook: facebook.com/kristendboice
Instagram: instagram.com/kristendboice
Close the Chapter Podcast: https://kristendboice.com/podcast/

Tune into my conversation with Kristen below or on your preferred podcast app!

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