I’m totally a person who likes to decompress life’s stress with some good ol’ Netflix. I cut cable last February after the Super Bowl, and went the Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime Route. To say I’m well versed on what’s available to stream, is an understatement. Not to mention  My watchlist has a little of everything on it… from Friends to Treehouse Masters to the Hey Arnold Jungle Movie to Baking Shows… but my favorite things to binge, are actually those that should have their own category within Netflix called “Brain Worthy”

Ya know, shows that give you knowledge to help enhance your life – spiritually, mentally, intellectually and physically but aren’t boring? These. These shows. So as we take our first Friday of 2020 to either recoup our energy from a hustling couple weeks to even just stay in from the weather, relax and learn with these brain worthy shows on Netflix.

I love this documentary because it really gives you both testimonies of experts and every day people who have lived the power of strong mindset, and it also gives you straight up scientific facts and findings. There’s never a point where it says to abandon Western Medicine, which i think is an important point, but there’s a strong emphasis on not turning to western medicine as a continuous crutch. The power of the mind-body connection is demonstrated through this easy-to-watch documentary.

New episodes of this drop every Thursday, which is pretty cool in my opinion. Each week, they cover a new topic and break down or – EXPLAIN – ha! how it works. One of my favorite episodes, is the one on Astrology and because we get a little “woo” up in here on this podcast, I think this episode would be extremely beneficial to anyone who still has questions about astrology, birth charts or any of that. There’s currently 2 seasons of EXPLAINED with so many good episodes, definitely encourage you to dive into that series!

EXPLAINED has a different series, called THE MIND EXPLAINED. This one is just like Explained, but goes deep into the mind on topics such as Mindfulness, Dreams, Anxiety…and one on Psychedelics. Now Psychedelics might sound wild to you, but as a little hint on what to expect in February, I’m sharing a conversation with a coach who uses psychedelics for both business and life.The Mindfulness episode, was definitely my favorite as they show how a 41 Monk, has the brain of a 33 year old. This episode shows the studies of how mindfulness can change the way your brain works and how it can change your life.

If you’re looking for something a little more Interactive, check out BRAIN GAMES. This interactive series uses games, illusions and experiments to illustrate how our brains manufacture our reality and often play tricks on us. One of my favorites is the MONEY episode within Season 5 – it covers your relationship with money and why we get excited when we make a good deal…it really gave me my AHA moment as to why I feel good, being so dang thrifty.

I also have to give a noteworthy mention to Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates because it’s also extremely fascinating. Plus it covers Bill’s life, one thing that really resonated with me was when they asked him what his biggest fear was and he said “to lose my mind” – that stuck with me…

Also, if you rock with Hulu and want something that’s more business related,  The Profit is my jaaaaam. 

I have a whole list of goodies shows and movies , so if you’re ever in need of something to fuel your mind, business and life – hit me up on Instagram @mindbizlife or my personal page @laurensmithbiz and I’ll share them with you!

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I hope you have the best first weekend of 2020! I’ll see you next week and until then remember:  every level of life is an opportunity to grow. Be well my friend.