This is one of my favorite topics to explore because I love how much this is repeated throughout history. We’ve touched on Twin Flames once, but I thought getting another perspective with a different type of vibe would be a perfect follow up. 

Psychic Medium, Twin Flame Coach, Past Life Regressionist,  Reiki Master, and Hypnotherapist – Charlotte from Happy Souls 11:11 joins us this week to give us the 4:11 on what we can expect for the Twin Flame Collective in 2020.

Within this week’s episode, we discuss:
-Understanding what Twin Flames are
-Twin Flames vs. Soul Mates vs. Karmic Partners
-The Runner/Chaser Dynamic
-Using Tarot and Oracle Cards for Spiritual Guidance
-Twin Flame Energy and Astrology Forecast for 2020
..and MORE

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And a special thank you to K Moon for supplying us with a Twin Flame Astrology reading for the Collective. Connect with K Moon on YouTube.

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