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So blessed to be here with you for another Fuel Your Life Friday!

A few weeks go on a Fuel Your Life Friday episode when we were talking about self-care,  I had mentioned that I had grace-filled friends.

After that episode, I received a message from a listener asking me about Grace-Filled Friends. She expressed that she wasn’t sure exactly what it meant and wasn’t sure if she was a grace-filled friend OR if she had any grace-filled friends. 

I took a few hours to think on what it meant to me and how I define it in my life. I loved this reflection process because it really made me think about my beloved friendships and what is so graceful about them. 

This was my response to her:

A grace-filled friendship is the one that gives you space, is filled with understanding, forgiveness + love; it allows you to be you – the REAL you. 

Grace-filled friendships are not demanding, petty, or full of shame/grudges. They do not put you down or make you feel “less than.” 

I’ve had my core group of best friends, for most of my life (many for over 15 years) and let me tell you, we all show up with a lot of GRACE.

We understand that in this phase of life – dependability often outweighs consistency. I’m the first to say I’m more of a dependable friend than a consistent friend. I don’t text every day, or every week, but I’m the first to show up when I’m needed. 

We know and accept that we’re all navigating life on different paths, at various speeds and no one person is doing it perfect. If one of us hits a speed bump that throws our life off course, we can turn to one another for support, guidance, and laughs.

There’s no one-way street in a grace-filled friendship.  

Friendships are so incredibly valuable in our life, but fueling our lives with the right friends, is actually where the value lies.

Remember that sometimes we outgrow people in our lives and that it’s okay. Often times, those people were in our lives for a reason, with a lesson,  or maybe they were there when we needed them to be. Not all friendships withhold the test of time, and that’s okay.

We can’t just focus on how others treat us, we have to focus on how we treat them. 

Take some times to evaluate the friendships in your life. but also take a look at how you’re showing up as a friend. 

I thought sharing that message today was worthy of an episode, because we all need a little more grace in our lives.  If your life is full of grace-filled friends, take a moment to thank them for having your back, allowing you to be yourself, and of course – thank them for your friendship.

If you enjoyed this episode be sure to share it, as you may never know who may need to hear this episode.

That’s all for today, I’ll see you next week and until then remember:  every level of life is an opportunity to grow. Be well my friend.