I can absolutely say, this is a conversation like I’ve never had before. This may actually rank as my favorite conversation…ever.

Go ahead, quote me, but sometimes it’s just a mood. 

This week’s guest is Conner Moore. Conner is the host of The Realness Podcast & Unconventional Personal Development Guy. His passion is exposing others to the the possibility of a fully expressed life through self-compassion and creating experiences. Conner and I have a conversation about victim mentality, emotional resilience, and…psychedelics.

Conner is as authentic as they come and I admire his realness. 

There is no limits in this week’s conversation, we talk about:
-Childhood Trauma
-Flirting with the Victim Mindset
-Emotional Resilience
-Masculinity and Vulnerability
-The Role of Psychedelics
..and more!

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