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Welcome back to another Fuel Your Life Friday! I know it probably seems like we talk about the moon a lot, but you all seem to like it and I’m going to keep rolling with it! 

You’re not the only ones to be into the moon – last year I shared my personal Full Moon Ritual on Pinterest and it has since gone viral and is shared across various platforms.

Since our next Full Moon is coming up on February 9th, I thought I’d give you a breakdown into what my personal Full Moon ritual Looks like so you can start your practice, add to your practice, or maybe even adapt a thing or two into your practice! 

My youngest daughter is incredibly lunar sensitive. She was born under a full moon and I swear this girl is extremely aware of the moon’s phases. Each full moon, she looks at me and says, “Momma! It’s the full moon! We have to charge the crystals!” 

Yep, we’re a crystal loving family. On vacation, my oldest daughter chose to buy rose quartz instead of a souvenir t-shirt. Crystals have a healing property to them, but they have the ability to absorb and hold unique energies, both positive and negative. When we say “cleanse” in this context, it’s on an energetic level, not just cleaning the dust off them.

So the first step in my Full Moon ritual, is to rinse my crystals and stones off with water, then setting them outside under the Full Moon’s light. If you’re wondering, “Why the full moon?” well – it’s said that the powerful Full Moon can clear a crystal’s energy and recharge the positive energies it holds.

If you remember from the Episode with the ladies of Luscious Hustle, they said the New Moon is about setting intentions and the Full Moon is about release. Now – the actual ritual that went viral on Pinterest, doesn’t include Crystals, but is more about releasing.

So if you’re looking for something easy to do for the Full Moon, follow these short and easy steps:

-In a calming space, meditate. I like to light white candles while doing this, as the color white is pure and cleansing in itself. 

-After you’ve meditated, grab a journal or pen and paper and write down everything you need to release. You can write something like “I now release from me” and then write a list of everything, or perhaps you can channel in with another question such as: What beliefs do I need to let go of? What in my life is no longer serving me? What fears am I carrying? What in my life feels out of alignment?

-After you’ve written your list, go outside under the moon light – and if it’s too cold or the weather isn’t the best – stand by a window sill and read your list aloud, one by one. 

-You’ll then burn your list, and give thanks to the Universe for hearing your truth.

This is so simple and easy to do. My oldest daughter who is 10, also does this, and I think it’s a great time and way for reflection, no matter the age. 

On Full Moon’s, I love to cleanse my physical body with an epsom salt bath as well, so know that there are various ways to honor yourself during the monthly Full Moon. 

If you try out any piece of this Full Moon Ritual this weekend or you have your own little ritual, be sure to share it with me! I’m every where on Social Media @MindBizLife

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That’s all for today, I’ll see you next week and until then remember:  every level of life is an opportunity to grow. Be well my friend.