Imagine trying to get a book published, and being told “no” by 32 literary agents and 17 publishers…and then… POOF! Next thing you know, your book wins the Author Academy Awards “Best Business Book of 2019”. 

That’s exactly what happened to this week’s guest.

Laura Briggs is a former teacher turned entrepreneur, author, and speaker. She’s also a military spouse and Ph.D. candidate in public policy at Virginia Tech. 

Laura and I share a powerful conversation that embodies self-reliance, perseverance, and continuous personal plus professional development. These attributes, I believe, are what makes up the core of an entrepreneur. 

Within this week’s episode we discuss:

-Knowing when to walk away
-Why Freelancers?
-Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
– The courage to keep going after a “No”

…and MORE!

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