If you need to embrace a little more self confidence, self worth, and really start believing in yourself and your power – this episode is for you! This week I’m joined by Leah Pardee.

Right after I recorded this episode with Leah, I joined her as a guest on her show! That episode has already aired so if you need more Leah and Lauren in your life after this, head over to the Candid Confidence podcast. 

Leah Pardee is a Confidence Coach, Blogger, and the face of her brand Candid Confidence. She teaches women how to ditch self-doubt and overcome overthinking so they can believe in themselves and their big dreams. After spending years in corporate sales, Leah developed a passion for combining mindset work with mindfulness practices to create a life both free and fearless. Her mission is to help thousands of women do the same through her coaching, courses, and the Candid Confidence podcast.

On this week’s episode, we discuss:
-Easing self-doubt in social settings
-Connecting with your passion
-The power of intuition
-Trusting in yourself
…and more! 

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Website: https://candidconfidence.com/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/candid.confidence

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