There’s an undisputed importance that gets mentioned time and time again on this show, and that’s the importance of childhood. If you’re a parent, you know the desire for understanding your child.

Sometimes our kids can be so much like us, that navigating their needs, their love language and their overall personality can be easy peasy. And then other times, we have kids who are the exact opposite of us. Who challenge us in new ways, and really push us to learn how to parent in a  constructive way that caters to their unique personality and individuality. 

Sandra is the owner of Family Personalities, a business that aims to help families through the use of Personality Type. With a degree from UCLA in Mathematics and a background in Big 4 Accounting, Sandra uses her talent for analysis and data, combined with her training in Myers-Briggs personality type, to help families work together more effectively to raise their uniquely wired children to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

In this week’s episode, Sandra and I discuss:
-What the Myers-Briggs personality type model is/how it helps us
-Benefits of Knowing Your Child’s Personality Type
-Parenting to Different Types
-Myers-Briggs vs Enneagram
…and MORE!

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Instagram: @familypersonalities

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