Happy Friday, friends! I’ve found that recently, I’ve been asked a lot about journaling. I done a lot of journaling exercises - some that i found online and others that were given to me from mentors to help me break through some cycles, patterns or even get clear about my beliefs. 

And while journaling always seems to make it’s way into conversations, I’ve specifically been asked about healing through journaling.

I thought today, I’d share with you 5 of my favorite journal prompts that you can use to ignite healing. So grab a pen and paper, or better yet your journal, and write these down as I go through them.

Number 1 is “Write the words you need to hear right now” – This may seem really basic, but often times we turn to others to lift us up. Think of yourself as your own best friend, what would you tell your best friend? What would she or he need to hear in this moment? Those are often the words you need to tell yourself.

Number 2 is “The place I feel most loved and safe is…” Knowing a physical place that makes you comfortable, can often be where you need to go when you’re in a place of healing. That place can be outside in nature, it can be your home,  it could be the couch at your therapist office, it could be the gym or yoga mat…I mean, it could even be the bathtub. Bring this information of love and safety into your conscious mind, so you know where to go when you need to feel safe.

The Next one,  Number 3, is going to take you a little deep into the mode of gratitude, lessons and blessings. This prompt is”  if it weren’t for ___ , I wouldn’t have learned ____ . That first blank is where you’ll list bad situations or experiences, and the second blank is where you’ll write in the lessons learned or any blessings that came from that situation. 

The 4th prompt is pretty simple, so it feels right being sandwiched in between 3 and 5. This prompt is simply, “Something I need to let go of is…” this prompt is so important because we need to give ourselves permission to let go or outgrow things that no longer serve us. being mindful to that, is key. 

Number 5 I recommend doing when your mindset is more positive and you’re feeling more confident – but the prompt is: When I am in physical or emotional pain, the best thing I can do for myself is….  Now of course I say to do this when you’re not in physical or emotional pain, because your answers are going to differ when you complete this from a higher vibrational energy aka happiness vs. a lower vibrational energy such as sadness.

On my website, laurensmithbiz.com  you can grab my free download, which gives you 44 Journal Prompts and covers area of self awareness, reflection, and of course – healing.  Within the healing section, you’ll find these 5 I covered today, plus others that will really help you dig deep.

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That’s all for today, I’ll see you next week and until then remember  every level of life is an opportunity to grow. Be well my friend.