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Hello hello – welcome back, are you ready to fuel your life?

Right now, business is slow for the majority unless you’re in certain industries. But slow times tend to hit businesses yearly – especially seasonal businesses. 

I thought today we’d go over 5 Thing to do When business is slow

Number 1: Refresh Your Website
I used to design websites, and I can’t tell you how many business owners think that their website is a one and done thing. I understand if you’re a physical service based business, like let’s say an HVAC company and your services are pretty standard and don’t change much – but refreshing your website could mean a total facelift or even just updating the photos. You could also add more blog posts to help drive traffic during the slow time.

If you’re a digital based business – your website is likely going to need an update more routinely. Especially if you’re actively driving traffic to your site through blogs, digital downloads, courses or similar.

Sometimes while we’re busy servicing others, we forget that our own sites need an update! Diligently click through each page of your site and make notes as to what needs to be attention. New verbiage, new photos, new subscription opt-in, new landing page… the world is your oyster.

Number 2: Revisit Your Business Goals
You don’t have to wait for a business interruptions such as a pandemic, or a large employee turnover , a downfall in sales, or even a new year  to revisit your business goals. business plans should be written – having them written is key, a business plan is not in your head, it’s on paper – and revised as needed as a business grows and evolves. If you’re not already, set monthly goals, quarterly goals and yearly goals.  If you’re having trouble doing this, start with visualization – what do you want to see happen within your business? T

Number 3: Create!
From creating new products, to creating new content, or maybe you’re ready to create a whole new part of your business – use the slow time to get innovative and tap into your inner creative. Entrepreneurs are creative – but we often times have to suppress that creativity when making pragmatic business decisions.

Step back into the mode of creativity and let it take the wheel! 

Number 4: Clean Up Your Files, Systems, Emails
I think one thing COVID-19 has shown me, is how many company’s email lists I’m subscribed to that I don’t actively use. I’ve mentioned before on the show, which is a free service …you can unsubscribe from unwanted emails,  and consolidate sales/newsletters emails into a convenient daily digest called the Rollup – it basically takes you from getting 100 emails a day, to 1 – if you choose to set it up that way. 

It’s also great to just go through and delete old emails, and go through your computer and clean it up and back it up.

I also go through my physical paperwork, and make sure I’m not hoarding anything I don’t need in my physical life. 

If you have a brick and mortar business, do some spring cleaning, organize your space, do a little psychical facelift of your business.

Number 5: Get Ready for the Busy Season

This probably seems like a no-brainer, but  looking ahead can save you hours in the future when you’ll be super busy.  Brainstorm ideas while the hustle is slow, it’s easier to do this while the mind is silenced and you’re not being pulled in a thousand different directions. Use your slow time to prepare promotions  – think of holidays you can plan promos around or even National Days – if you’re a photographer and it’s National Photography Day, what will you promote? Of course it’s a great time to draft and schedule social posts,  pre-create content, get your calendar ready, and if you’re looking to collaborate with people, use this time to reach out with them or at least conceptualize what the busy season will bring you! 

Make use of your downtime, your future self will appreciate it.

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That’s all for today, I’ll see you next week and until then remember  every level of life is an opportunity to grow. Be well my friend.