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Hello hello beautiful souls, Happy Friday. Today is the first full official day that the state fo Florida, where i live, is on an stay at home order – we’re truly living in unprecedented times, with energy like many of us have never experienced in this lifetime.

When it comes to the podcast, we kicked off the year 2020 with an episode featuring numerologist

When Felicia Bender was on the show on January 1st of this year, we were talking about how 2020 is a Universal 4 year. Of course in Numerology, you add up each number in the year and break it down to a single digit if you have to, so 2+0+2+0 = 4. In that episode Felicia said, “the 4 is your strictest teacher. It will feel more serious.”

Because it’s a 4 year, that makes tomorrow, April 4th – a universal 4-4-4 day. Of course, April is the 4th month, the 4th day of that month and the 4 year.

Anytime we have a number in doubles or triples, the message and energy are both amplified. Just like most homes are built with 4 corners, the 4 serves as the solid and firm foundation for health, safety and well-being.

The Spiritual meaning of 444 is often the number of spiritual awakenings, which in a time where we are quite literally forced into a new way of life – I suspect this will activate an awakening within many.

The angel number 444, is a sign that you’re protected by your angels and are on the right path.

On another good note, an alternative meaning of 444 is that it is a symbol of imminent financial luck. On most keyboards the “4” key is also the “$” key, so 444 literally means $$$

It’s also important to note that there are 4 elements of man: Mind, Spirit, Soul, Body.

Now 4-4-4 is known in the lightwkrker community as a portal day. Portal days help us be closer to the spiritual side or the 5th Dimension.

It’s said that this 4-4-4 portal helps kick off the great awakening within humanity. We are creating a new world – one where decisions not made in the best interest of the collective will be overturned and a new world order will begin.

I thought it was interesting that in in biblical text, In the 4th verse of the first chapter of Genesis, God divides the Light from the Darkness

Astrologer Christina Caudill echoed this message when she joined us for the 2020 Astrology Energy Forecast back in January, she said 2020 is the year when the new beginning is starting to happen – it started with a Pluto and Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, which was the first time it’s happened in that sign since the 1500s, and now on 4-4-4, we’ll be having a conjunction between Pluto, the planet of decay and destruction, as well as regeneration – and Jupiter. In astrology, Jupiter is the expansive planet of wisdom and knowledge, big picture thinking and the broadening of horizons.

When I was speaking to Sherile Turner about the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction and what we should be doing, she said “the conjunction is significant because it’s about goals and how people want to be seen and show up in the world. The perfect time to transform their life, family and business goals.”

I’m going to intentionally manifest and journal on the portal day 4-4-4, but I’ll also be paying attention to the day and energy itself.