Happy Good Friday, friends. Are you ready to fuel your life? So many times when I’m providing guidance, I hear people state they don’t have enough time. They’ll spend all day working, but don’t feel like they’re making progress or are getting much done. I wanted to share what’s called the Activity Levels” gauging system, so you can identify which activities are the most beneficial to you, your life, and if it applies – your business! Level 0 Activities – Provide no value to you – they are level 0 activities. Gossiping, Netflix, Scrolling Instagram or Facebook Level 1 Activities -answering emails, replying to comments, (minimize level 1 activities) – Level 2 – the fun things in our business, anything in your business that can bring in immediate cash flow -strategy calls, cash calls… in life, this could be things such as flipping furniture or listing things on eBay. Level 3 – Long term investments activities, these are activities that you may not see results from over night – think of it like going to the gym, your fitness is a long term investment. Daily meditation is a long term investment, In terms of business, you can think such as joining a mastermind and networking – as this provides long term value. After all, if it’s always about who you know, then networking is definitely a level 3 activity. Evaluate your daily activities – are you mindlessly scrolling Instagram and TikTok all day? Or are you doing high level activities such as generating cash flow or making long term investments for your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being? I hope this gives you something to reflect on this weekend. If you enjoyed this episode share it with a friend and be sure to give the podcast a 5 star review on apple podcasts or wherever it is that you tune in and turn it up. That’s all for today, I’ll see you next week and until then remember every level of life is an opportunity to grow. Be well my friend.