Imagine traveling to over 27 countries and 4 continents, while paying off student loans AND saving money…

That’s exactly what this week’s guest did.

Danielle Desir is an author and the founder of The Thought Card, an affordable travel finance blog and podcast about affording travel, paying off debt and building wealth.

I love Danielle’s website where it states, “I am not rich or privileged, but I am financially savvy.”

She also states her Financial Accomplishments:
-Paid off over $12,000 of mortgage principal in 2 years
-Bought a house at 27 years old
-Paid off $63,000 in student loan debt in 4 years

Freaking impressive, right?! 

Within this week’s episode Danielle and I discuss:
-Best Tips to Get Started
-Traveling without the guilt factor
-Shifting into a Travel Abundant Mindset
-COVID-19 & Travel
…and more!

Danielle is full of high vibing energy and great tips, I can’t wait to share this one with you!

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