This week I’m serving up a dose of Law of attraction, self-love, mindset, flow vs. force and beyond – with Change Catalyst, Visa Shanmugan!

Visa Shanmugam describes herself as a “change catalyst” for professional women who are highly accomplished yet find themselves chasing happiness. She helps them shift their mindset, speed up success while slowing life down and get them out of their heads to dive deep into their hearts.

Visa grew up in a traditional, conservative Indian family. At 21, after an arranged marriage, she and her husband moved to the U.S soon after. It was a difficult time in her life and Visa struggled to find her place in the world. On top of this, she was diagnosed with a life-altering auto immune disease in her early 20s.

Visa went from living with the debilitating diagnosis and the fear and depression that went along with it, to now living a life and career of her dreams. Because of her life experiences, she has a unique take on helping women shift from feeling like a powerless spectator of their life to becoming the powerful creator of their future.

Applying radical self-love and spirituality principles, Visa guides her clients in identifying the patterns, pressures and self-loathing holding them back so they lead a fulfilling, engaged and meaningful life.

She is a speaker, a soon to be published author on a book anthology and has been published on Thrive Global interviews many times.

Visa and I have an inspiring conversation about mindset, parenting, energy, meditation, and so much more. 

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