Felicia earned a Ph.D in Theatre from the University of Missouri– Columbia.  A curious intuitive, she trained with Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui and Master Stephen Co to become a certified Pranic Healer™.   She’s a Numerologist and author of Redesign Your Life:  Using Numerology To Create the Wildly Optimal You and has two books forthcoming in 2018 – The Ultimate Guide to Numerology and Master Numbers 11, 22, 33:  The Ultimate Guide.  Felicia is passionate about writing, counseling, teaching, and presenting ways to use numerology, spirituality, and intuition to understand ourselves and others on a deep level – to validate our life’s purpose and to develop tools to understand how to trust our own intuitive language.  She’s a contributor for The Elephant Journal, Numerologist.com, The Numinous, and many other media outlets.  She’s resident numerologist for AstroStyle.com.


It’s week 2 of the Energy Forecasts and we’re covering one of your favorite topics, with one of our favorite experts, Felicia Bender!

Felicia lets us know how this year of the 4 is playing out, Numerologically speaking, and how it’s all preparing us for a 5 year. Felicia also gives us a glimpse into how personal years are affected PLUS shares how COVID-19 is broken down in numerology!



Website:  feliciabender.com

Instagram: @feliciabender