I love when I get to talk to a guest for a second time, it’s always so good to just relish in the growth of the guest while catching up on their journey and all of the lessons and blessings they’ve acquired along the way. 

This week’s guest and I met in Bali about 4 years ago while we were both working the BaliSpirit Festival, and clearly, we’ve stayed close since then. The first time I heard her sing – my entire body got goosebumps, and with the release of her third album – I just knew it was time to bring back singer, songwriter, artist, podcaster, spiritual concierge and creator of camp clarity transformational retreats, Norma Jean Belenky!


Within this episode, we discuss:

-Creative Burnout
-Leaning into new projects
-Imposter syndrome,
-The Launch of Norma Jean’s new album



 New album, “All the Feels” : www.normajeanmusic.com

Camp Clarity- www.joincampclarity.com