Today’s guest is Janet Kafadar a career exit strategist,& fellow podcaster. She helps black women & women of color wanting to escape their careers to build impact-driven online coaching businesses.

Janet is a busy mom of 3 kids under 9, a British expat living in Australia, she leads BIWOC to create an exit strategy to start the right business to help them leave their 9-5. She understands the challenges black women face due to lack of representation, diversity and mentorship.

Janet is on a mission to help BIWOC to rise up, be seen and help them build impact driven online coaching businesses that will allow them to leave a legacy for themselves and their families.


Within this episode, we discuss:

-Creating and implementing an Exit Strategy to help you leave your 9-5

-Balance and a Side Hustle

-Pricing your products/services

-The Fastest way to get your business off the ground!

…and MORE!



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