Sherile is a Psychotherapist, with significant experience in creating content for clients as they develop transformational mental health products and services. Sherile is a Mindfulness practitioner and has created content for world-leading Apps such as Calm, Inwords and Dream.

She is the author of a number of industry books for Therapists and their clients dealing with  Anxiety and is also the Author of Befriending Emotions a Mindfulness meditation guide for Pause + purpose. 

Sherile has written over 1000 mindfulness, spirituality and healing meditations. Her meditations have been viewed millions of times on YouTube. She is an in-demand speaker representing clients in the mental health, coaching and healing spaces, appearing on webinars, and at industry conferences.


Within this episode, we discuss:

-Why it’s Important to Surrender & Release

-The Various Ways Surrender & Release Shows Up

– Identifying a “Yes” as a Sign

-The Process of Releasing

-Practices/Rituals to Aid

 …and MORE!




Connect with Sherile further:

Website: www.sherileturner.com

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/therealsherile

**This episode was first released during Podcast Wellness Week by Podbean.