From Raquel’s website:

My journey with Astrology began a little over 14 years ago, as Jupiter crossed over my ascendant and I met my first Mentor. In that moment, I knew this was my life’s work. In connection to my Mayan ancestors who studied Astrology/Astronomy and created calendars, I very quickly learned the language of the cosmos – almost as if – I have done this work for many, many lifetimes. 

My lineage also connects me to the “Warrior Spirit” archetype as my ancestors led the Mexican Revolution, which is recognized as the first major political, social, and cultural revolution of the 20th century >> This is where my drive comes from. If you trace my ancestry even further back, it will lead you to the Curandeiro who began working with Peyote, and in the cenotes with the elements >> this is where my Spirituality & Healing Power comes from.

As we move through unprecedented times, I feel the guidance of my Ancestors more than ever, who urge me to continue helping others with these sacred Ancient practices– but in my very own #sagittariusrising way, of course! 

I love creativity and cultivating fun, inclusive spaces. Connection and communication are both extremely important to me, as well as technology. Before my Astrology business, I created a brand and hosted writing retreats for womxn all over the world, with home groups in Los Angeles, SoHo, Tribeca, and Brooklyn. I love information, travel, and research. The written word will always have my heart, but it’s convergence with mysticism, psychology, and ancient metaphysics is where the real magic happens for me. I began consulting as an Astrologer in 2015, after almost 10 years of studying. During that study time, I was galavanting around the world, falling in love, bartending, writing, eating delicious food, exploring cultures and humanity, and watching the most gorgeous sunsets/sunrises. I learnt and studied and read every piece of Astrology literature I could find, favoring old school books from dusty library shelves in small towns or random shops along my travels. Moving to the big cities (Chicago, NY, LA) were pivotal for me in truly learning different types of people, and getting comfortable sharing my gifts. Believe it or not, I used to be painfully shy. 

One of the many reasons I’m especially passionate about Astrology as a guiding light here on the journey? Because it’s truly guided so much of my own. My Saturn Return *literally* shaped and changed the trajectory of my life.

I’m a results-driven lunar Capricorn with a Progressed Aries Moon and I continually experience resonance, magic, and flow with Astrology- this is what I like to share with my clients. 

Astrology opened up doors that I never knew existed, and allowed me to seek answers not only for myself, but for those in need of clarity and inspiration. I value personal freedom, expansion, and the exploration of “self.” Astrology showed me that embodiment is possible for everyone, no matter who you are.

I’m all about helping you create your dream life as you lead your own personal revolution. “



Within this episode, we discuss:
-Recap of 2020 and what transpired

-Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

-Eclipse Energy and What it Means

-Big dates to pay attention to in 2021

…and MORE!



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